CHATMENT® is a heightened secure personal and controlled group communication system. It can be described as a peer to peer messaging platform because the servers do not retain any transmission after it is received by intended party and because the servers cannot read the dual encrypted transmission because they do not have the encryption keys. Each user must invite an authenticated contact or be invited and accept the invitation to communicate. User transmissions are stored on their device or in the Web browser private vaults until they are automatically or manually deleted. Automatic deletion times are at user’s discretion of 1 minute, 1 hour, or maximum of 12 hours after sent or read. There is also a super secure 7 button that sends communications in a different format that has no server record of transmission and is deleted in 7 seconds on both sender and receiver devices. The receiver must be online to receive these 7 second transmissions just like the voice application.

The system can also be described as a controlled social media platform because every user can create as many named private groups as they like. As the captain of a created group, a user can invite as many authenticated users as they like to a specific group, as well as, delete any member from the group or the group itself at any time. Each captain is responsible for the group content and members’ online behavior.  Each member can delete themselves from a group and their contact name will be deleted from group member list.

All individual contact names and transmissions are shown on screen as the anonymous name selected by user during initial registration.  

International open public forum groups are under development that will allow users to invite themselves into and out in a secure fashion. This will display on a separate contact page in the devices.

This private secure system is for people who want to communicate with others of their choice instead of just following the crowd.