What is CHATMENT®?

CHATMENT® is a secure end-to-end communication application that is an integral part of the multiple patented heightened security LOCKCHAIN™ server system. Users can privately communicate with an individual or a private group anonymously after being invited. Only registered users can control who they communicate to, with an invaluable peace of mind that their data will be viewed just by the intended recipients because no communications are retained on servers after being received by authenticated recipient.


What makes this app different from others?

The registered application will only work on one personal computer and one mobile internet connected device per user. One device has to be closed when another is being utilized. All personal data and communication transmissions are stored in a secure unique vault installed on the device or in a secure individual vault within the cloud server system. An Authentication server must transmit identification keys to the Karawrapped® custom libraries to open either vault for the ghost communication to begin. Users determine the preset time to automatically or manually delete communication files stored in their Vault and on the screen. Normal data deletion can be automatically set at one minute, one hour, or maximum of 12 hours. The 7 button will only allow sender and receivers to view data for 7 seconds no matter what time frame the automatic individual vault deletion is set at. Users must be online to receive a 7 second transmission.


What can be sent?  

Pictures, messages, files, video, and secure VOIP (on some devices at the present time).


Is there a size issue?

There is a 1MP size restriction on smartphone installed apps per transmission. Personal Internet connection may limit size of a single transmission on other mobile or personal computers.


What device operating systems can be utilized?                                                  

Windows®, Android®, and IOS® operate at the present time. CHATMENT® web browser application can be utilized without application download being required on a variety of web browsers.


Why is app secure?

Every part of the system was designed and programmed together to protect user data on all connected devices. US patent numbers; 8,375,455, 8,448,236, 8,572,720, 8,677,510, 8,844,054, 9,043,934, 9,378,339, 9,590,981, 9,628,473, 9,773, 099, 9,910,969, 10,291,619 protect the concept and existing LOCKCHAIN system with sister/ghost technology does the rest.


Application start-up.

Register for a download of the CHATMENT® app or Web Browser account on this site by clicking the Login Button to start the short registration process. You will notice the Login Button go to Connecting and then back to Login unless you require a Chatment Root CA in the future and then you may have to allow download of certificate from an unknown source. Once the certificate and app has been installed an icon or web browser application should appear on the screen of device. The download and registration records are securely removed from Website server during this time frame and only Authentication server has access to your password to authenticate application identifiers. Click on the Icon to open the app to the sign-in page. Enter user name and password and click enter. WARNING: Logging into Authentication server with 2 wrong passwords or adjusted coding will cause an error Notice to appear on screen to wait. If 5 connection errors occur within 2 minutes the application will be automatically cancelled by the servers.  This is a safety factor built into system as part of multiple confirmations of user data and device that the standalone Authentication server authenticates before the secure unique Vault is opened. The Contact page is considered the app’s default home page. All posts are shown from a contact on the devices and stored in the Vault and will be deleted automatically depending on user selection of time or manually. No posts are displayed or stored on website.

How do I send a file?

On a Windows download application go into your device file directory and copy actual text in the file, then open the correct contact message page and click Paste in the outgoing message box. Click Send button after it is copied. You may see only 3 lines before it is sent without scrolling. You will see the complete file after it is sent on the contact page like any other message. A picture can be sent the same way or you can click on the Menu icon and select Send File Picture on a mobile device.

How do I get contacts?

You must click on the + sign on the single person icon and enter the anonymous name of the registered user you want to invite. There will appear a notice of invitation sent and only when accepted will the contact name appear in your contact list. There may be an authorized contact list in future that you may add to your list by inviting yourself to the individual contact. Keep in mind that this is your own private communication platform that you need build out to your aspirations.                      EACH INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP CAPTAIN MUST INVITE SUPPORT if support is required because SUPPORT does not maintain encryption keys for any user unless requested.


Can I delete a contact?

On your contact page highlight the contact name you wish to remove and then open Menu icon and click on Delete Contact on the drop down list. If removed contact wants to send you a communication you must receive and accept a new invitation. If you do not want to communicate then click on Ignore and after 5 days contact will blocked for good on sending you invitations. SUPPORT can also be deleted from any contact or group.


Why do I lose online connection with my mobile device?

Most of the smartphones limit the time an application can stay connected when in sleep mode. When the phone’s operating system goes into non-use sleep mode in breaks the locked internet connection with the server random port and device. This is not a problem for desktop or laptop devices because you can set the time to stay connected. It may look like you are connected on the application but the secure random connection has been broken and nothing can be transmitted. Close the app when you are not using app and restart when you want to check or send transmissions.


Can the screen message or picture be captured before it automatically deletes?

Yes and No. A downloaded full application will not allow a viewable screen to be captured. A secure Cloud web browser application cannot prevent the device from capturing a screenshot because there is no way the server system can detect the command until after it is done.


Communication advice.

Do not send anything you want absolutely private to anyone you do not know or trust. If you want to send something that you do not want captured by the receiving device then send it only to a downloaded application. An icon will appear next to your selected contact that informs you if the address is a downloaded app or a web browser app.